Monday, May 14, 2012

Pick of the Bunch Recount Week 2

Here's our best recount from last week, as voted by the class.  Well done Dana!

Ummm....I hummed in the car.  "When are we going to get there?" I shouted.
"10 minutes," he said.  When I counted 10 minutes and turned around I couldn't shut my eyes and mouth. I saw a beach, as beautiful as a rose and the waves trying to say hello to me.  First we went to the hotel room and I saw everything nice and tidy.  We watched TV but I just wondered why there was 4 beds but there were 5 of us.  Before I could tell my mum I realised the couch was a bed.  We opened it and we got the blanket out and we watched a movie eating frujus.  Then we went to bed.  I gently closed my eyes and suddenly ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! A loud alarm rang and rang.  We were all surprised so we got out clothes and ran out.  We saw a lot of people outside and the alarm was ringing and....oho oho oho I just saw three fire engines coming this way.  I saw them getting the hose ready when the alarm came to a stop.  They went away.

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