Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Spelling Strategies

Last week we got a comment on our blog from Mrs L, who's blog is called 2.1.  Her class is from Adelaide in Australia.  She asked us what spelling strategies we use to ensure we get all our spelling words right each week.  Here are some of the strategies the students in Room 15 use.

- Georgia says she learns the pattern and knows that if she heard the 'er' sound, it was e and r together
- Leah says I always sound them out and hear the sounds in the words
- Leal says I cut the words in the half so I learn them in parts
- Maya sounds out the spelling pattern she's learning
- Abby P says I make rhymes out of some of the words
- Misha says he goes to extra tuition to learn new words
- Lots of Room 15 students make sure they practice their words every night - not just once!
- Jin-Young makes them in to a song
- Noah learns his words in parts
- Dana says she uses a spelling book
- Olivia gets her mum to test her and she repeats them back
- Shaun writes them down to see what they look like
- Marina gets her mum to call them out to her and she says them back
- Rico goes on the blog and uses the spelling links
- Millie uses a spelling app on her mums iPhone
- Adam learns the sounds that make up the pattern

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