About us!

We're a Year 3 and 4 class from Upper Harbour Primary School in Albany/Greenhithe, Auckland, NZ.  Our teacher is called Mrs Burnett (or Mrs B).  We are in the Tipa community together with 2 other classes and the ESOL learners room.  Our class is also next to the Little Sponges - new learners who are about to start school.  They visit every Wednesday afternoon and learn all about what it's like to be at school.

Here's a Bio poem we wrote describing our class.


  1. Zara-Lee's mumApril 27, 2012 at 3:47 PM

    Hi Room 15, your blog looks awesome, great to see all the work you've been doing this year.

  2. I like your Bio peom

  3. love all the new work