Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Challenge

At the end of Term 1 we did an Easter Maths challenge.  Each maths group had to find a plastic Easter Egg that matched their groups colour.  Inside were maths problems that matched what we'd been working on in class.  Panana have been learning to solve addition problems by using doubles.  Aporo have been learning to solve comparison problems.  Arani have been learning to subtract in parts and Ropere have been learning to subtract using place value partitioning! The winners were the first team to find all their eggs and solve all their problems correctly.  Congrats to Ropere who finished first and a special award went to Aporo for being the only team to get all their problems right the first time!

Recount Writing

“What’s that?” we asked Mrs Burnett.  She said “I’m not telling you till the end!” “Ohhhhhhh” I said. First Abigail P got the mysterious thing on her head. She made a weird sound, eeeeeee. She said “that tickles.” We all begged Mrs Burnett to have a turn. “Yes sure,” she said. We all had a turn. “Eeeeee,” I said and while we had that mysterious thing on our head Georgia took photo’s of us. How funny they were!
By Danuska      

My heart pounded  as Mrs B showed us a tangled looking object.It looked like a autumn  tree.Then she put it on my head.It scraped some skin off.I went eey  when  Georgia took a photo.After I said to Georgia I am ticklish on my head.
By Leah

"WOW, what is that?" I said as Mrs B pulled out a mysterious object. "I wonder what it is?" i said. Maybe it's a pumpkin for halloween or maybe it's a thing that you pick up toys with. After that we described what it looked like. I thought it looked like a burnt tree with no leaves. It made a rattly noise. ''Ah, ah, it's my turn" I cried. I giggled lots but it didn't hurt for me. It was soft, smooth, creepy, silky and bendy. 
By Marina

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The trash pack

Today we went on Sand art and Kerpoof. On Sand art we did pyramids. WE made a movie on Kerpoof.

sand art

Today we went to sand art  we were trying to fill the whole thing up but it was hard and it was fun!

faboulas thinkers

The fabulas thinkers  have just discovered how kerpoof  works  we really in joyed it 

Sand Art

The dragonfly loved sand art because it is really creative and super fun for us and bigger kids

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dynamites Time Capsule

Today the Dynamites got together to put their Term 1 reflections and aspirations for the year in to a time capsule.  Thanks to Mr Benbow for digging a hole for us outside our block.  A year 6 student put the time capsule in the hole (after Mrs B covered it in Duct tape) and then a few students from each class helped cover it up.  Finally everyone in the team got to walk across the spot where it was buried and stamp the dirt down with their foot! I wonder what it's going to look like when we dig it up at the end of the year?

wacky wednesday

On Wacky Wednesday we learned how to be wacky. we all look silly.....................well most of us

wacky wednesday

here are some boys that are in wacky wednesday


PicLit from
See the full PicLit at

wacky wednesday

This is 3 children from Room 15 on Wacky Wednesday


room15 on wacky wednesday with every body going crazy

Wacky Wednesday

Here is a photo of our class on Wacky Wednesday. We look Wacky 
don't you think?

Wacky Wednesday

Here are some students from Room 15 enjoying Wacky Wednesday.  We are learning how to put photos on our blog

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pick of the Bunch Recounts - x2!

Here's our Pick of the Bunch recounts from this week and from Week 7 (we were so stuck in to our goal setting preparation we didn't get a chance to do diary writing last week)

Well done to Emma (W7) and Dana (W9) for being voted the best recounts of the week!

On Sunday I went to Flipperball.  I heard everyone cheering 'go! go!' The whistle blew, everybody was swimming to get the ball.  I got the ball and I scored a goal.  At the end we all had a lolly.
By Emma

Vroom, vroom, the engine revved and when everyone hopped in, zoom, the car raced off like a cheetah.  "Where are we going?" I asked my dad.  
"Just wait and see," he replied.  When we got there my mouth couldn't shut.  We had time left so we went to the garden next to it.  It was beautiful - rose and flowers were everywhere.  When we down there was a beach.  Then we went up the Skytower.  It made me very dizzy.  The restaurant was slowly turning around like a slow turtle.  First my sisters gave my mum a present.  It was a couple of t-shirts and my mums favourite chocolate.  Yum yum, it was the best restaurant and the best day ever.
By Dana

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Poetry Winners

What creative, artistic students we have in Room 15!

Look Around the Playground

Each math's group over the last couple of weeks has gone out in to the playground to take photos of different shapes.  They had the following criteria:
Here's a selection of the photos they took.  Can you see the shapes that have a line of symmetry?  Did they find any five sided shapes?

Maths Wall

Each day before we start working in our number groups we go through our maths wall.  This is a chance for us to practice the same skills over and over again! We go over place value, fractions, basic facts, time and a few other things.  Last week the students of Room 15 started running it.  Misha and Abby M both had a go and they did great! I wonder who will have a go at running it this week?

Wacky Dynamites

A couple of weeks ago we had Wacky Wednesday.  Everyone came to school dressed in their wackiest outfits.  Here's a pic of our whole team!

We love our team name!

It's so cool that we finally have a team name.  The Dynamites was thought up by Miron (R13) Shreta (R16) and our very own Ben! What do you think of our logo? It was great having Mrs B's dad come in and share with us how to create a logo and the process of overlaying different images to get the one you want.  

We think The Dynamites rock!

Class Captains Week 9

Easter Note Generator