Monday, May 21, 2012

Mrs B's Pick of the Bunch

I was so so proud of Noah's writing today.  He wrote heaps but had clear finger spaces, sentences starting with capital letters, full stops in the right place and even a bit of humour in his writing.  All of this independently too.  Best writing all year Noah, think we'll be moving your picture on the writing wall if you keep this up! Here's my Pick of the Bunch recount for this week by Noah.
On Saturday my puppy was jumping on my leg.  I did not know why? I gave her food but it didn't work.  So I gave her water but she didn't stop. So I let her play with Arthur but she would not stop.  So I let her be with mum but she did not stop.  So I let her go toilet.  "Finally she's stopped," I said.

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