Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Holiday Recounts Using QR Codes

Click here to find out what we got up to in our holidays! Can you guess where we went?  Use the QR codes to find out

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mrs B's Pick of the Bunch

I was so so proud of Noah's writing today.  He wrote heaps but had clear finger spaces, sentences starting with capital letters, full stops in the right place and even a bit of humour in his writing.  All of this independently too.  Best writing all year Noah, think we'll be moving your picture on the writing wall if you keep this up! Here's my Pick of the Bunch recount for this week by Noah.
On Saturday my puppy was jumping on my leg.  I did not know why? I gave her food but it didn't work.  So I gave her water but she didn't stop. So I let her play with Arthur but she would not stop.  So I let her be with mum but she did not stop.  So I let her go toilet.  "Finally she's stopped," I said.

Pick of the Bunch Recount

This weeks winner was Leah, with her great recount about Flipperball! She didn't quite finish her writing but I know she would have added in that the All Blacks were training at the Millenium and some even cheered when the game was being played! Super cool!

Splash! I jumped in.  My coach told me I was on defence first half and on the second half I was in goal.  We finallt started.  I swam up to get the ball.  Gemma got it and she passed the ball to me.  I swam with the ball and had a try to shoot the goal.  Everyone was saying 'Go Leah'.  I tried again.  Ding, ding.  It was half time.

Learning about Solar Energy

Today Abby brought in Solar Powered Dog that she built in the weekend with her dad.  It got us talking about Solar Energy.  Unfortunately by the time Abby showed us, the sun had gone and the rain had set in so we couldn't see it go.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to watch it move tomorrow.  Here's some learning we did about Solar Energy.

Zara-Lee - the sun can make electricity
Adam - the black panals capture the light from the sun
Georgia - the sun can make electricity for your home if you have the right panels

Leah - solar energy can be gathered and stored so you can still use the power at night
Noah - the sun is the dogs battery
Dana - when it rains, the solar energy can't work
Shaun - when the suns out the dogs tail spins
Maya - solar energy can be very helpful
Millie - solar energy means you don't have to pay for power from the grid
Leal - if you use solar power you need an inverter to change the light in to electricity for your house
Georgia - solar power has it's pros and cons
Riley - Abby's dog is like a fan - the tail spins in the same way
James - If you capture too much solar energy you can give it to the power companies and they pay you!
Rico - the sun produces solar energy
Leal - Solar energy is renew

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pick of the Bunch Recount Week 2

Here's our best recount from last week, as voted by the class.  Well done Dana!

Ummm....I hummed in the car.  "When are we going to get there?" I shouted.
"10 minutes," he said.  When I counted 10 minutes and turned around I couldn't shut my eyes and mouth. I saw a beach, as beautiful as a rose and the waves trying to say hello to me.  First we went to the hotel room and I saw everything nice and tidy.  We watched TV but I just wondered why there was 4 beds but there were 5 of us.  Before I could tell my mum I realised the couch was a bed.  We opened it and we got the blanket out and we watched a movie eating frujus.  Then we went to bed.  I gently closed my eyes and suddenly ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! A loud alarm rang and rang.  We were all surprised so we got out clothes and ran out.  We saw a lot of people outside and the alarm was ringing and....oho oho oho I just saw three fire engines coming this way.  I saw them getting the hose ready when the alarm came to a stop.  They went away.

Class Captains Week 4 Term 2

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Friday, May 4, 2012

girls only!!!!!

girls rule!!!!!!
girls rock!!!!!!

sand art

This is how far we got in 10 minutes!!

Our Spelling Strategies

Last week we got a comment on our blog from Mrs L, who's blog is called 2.1.  Her class is from Adelaide in Australia.  She asked us what spelling strategies we use to ensure we get all our spelling words right each week.  Here are some of the strategies the students in Room 15 use.

- Georgia says she learns the pattern and knows that if she heard the 'er' sound, it was e and r together
- Leah says I always sound them out and hear the sounds in the words
- Leal says I cut the words in the half so I learn them in parts
- Maya sounds out the spelling pattern she's learning
- Abby P says I make rhymes out of some of the words
- Misha says he goes to extra tuition to learn new words
- Lots of Room 15 students make sure they practice their words every night - not just once!
- Jin-Young makes them in to a song
- Noah learns his words in parts
- Dana says she uses a spelling book
- Olivia gets her mum to test her and she repeats them back
- Shaun writes them down to see what they look like
- Marina gets her mum to call them out to her and she says them back
- Rico goes on the blog and uses the spelling links
- Millie uses a spelling app on her mums iPhone
- Adam learns the sounds that make up the pattern

Spelling Wall of Champions

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cross Country

Each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning the Dynamites are practicing for Cross Country.  We run as many laps as we can in 15 minutes.  Here's the map of the course incase you want to start practicing with mum or dad in your own time.  The 7 and 8 Year olds will be running one lap of the field and nature trail and going half way up Lady Phoenix Reserve.  It's approximately at 1.2 - 1.4km

Spelling Focus

Our focus for spelling has now moved on from our essential words and on to spelling patterns.  There are four groups, which are very fluid.  The students move between the groups depending on what spelling pattern they need to work on.  Our first whole class focus is on short and long vowel sounds - especially silent e.  Here's a funny song about how silent e is a ninja! Plus another video about silent e - what changes when you add a silent e?

Silly Song

Hey Room 15.  Paige and I were talking on the way home today and remembered this silly song that makes us laugh! It's a bit weird.  What do you think?