Monday, May 21, 2012

Learning about Solar Energy

Today Abby brought in Solar Powered Dog that she built in the weekend with her dad.  It got us talking about Solar Energy.  Unfortunately by the time Abby showed us, the sun had gone and the rain had set in so we couldn't see it go.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to watch it move tomorrow.  Here's some learning we did about Solar Energy.

Zara-Lee - the sun can make electricity
Adam - the black panals capture the light from the sun
Georgia - the sun can make electricity for your home if you have the right panels

Leah - solar energy can be gathered and stored so you can still use the power at night
Noah - the sun is the dogs battery
Dana - when it rains, the solar energy can't work
Shaun - when the suns out the dogs tail spins
Maya - solar energy can be very helpful
Millie - solar energy means you don't have to pay for power from the grid
Leal - if you use solar power you need an inverter to change the light in to electricity for your house
Georgia - solar power has it's pros and cons
Riley - Abby's dog is like a fan - the tail spins in the same way
James - If you capture too much solar energy you can give it to the power companies and they pay you!
Rico - the sun produces solar energy
Leal - Solar energy is renew

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