Thursday, March 8, 2012

Team Trip!

Yesterday the Tipa Community went on a trip to the Millenium Institute of Sport and Health.  The 3 classes were mixed across 5 groups and got a chance to practice skills that are vital to the smooth running of a community - teamwork, communication, risk taking and having fun! Room 15 had a blast!  Thanks to the great instructors who ensured the day ran so well.


  1. I loved the trip. My favorite part was the fun swim.

  2. Wow, that looks fun, swimming and rock climbing! (at school!) I wish my teacher took my class there. Where is that place? It looks awesome. I really liked the music in the video. My class blog has videos, too! You can go there! The blog name is Third Graders, Dreaming Big, or Mrs. Brooks' Class on Edublogs. You can go to my blog, too! Just go to Mrs. Brooks' Kidblogs, and then click on Maisie's Blog. I have some cool stuff there, and I'm working on a few posts. I'd LOVE to hear from one of you. Do you have your own blogs?