Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Poetry Challenge

Each Friday we read a poem together.  First, Mrs B reads it to the class and we discuss what it's about and clarify any new words.  Then Room 15 echo read it - Mrs B reads a line and then they read a line back.  The next step is for different students to read a line each.  Finally the whole class read it together, focussing on reading in unison, at a steady pace and with good intonation.  We then go away and illustrate the poem according to it's content.  We always choose 5 poems that have interpreted the message in the poem the best and then we vote for our favourite!! Here's a selection of the best poems from the last few weeks.


  1. I look sad in that photo. I really like how you did the avatars. They look cool. How did you get that cool idear?.

  2. On friday after school leah had a play date at georgia's house we had a lot of fun.