Monday, February 27, 2012

Pick of the Bunch Recount Week 4

Today we looked at Abby's recount from last week and discussed what made it such a great read.  We noticed she used similes, an interesting first sentence and great verbs and adjectives.  Lots of people this week tried using something more interesting than 'In the weekend...' to start their recount!! This weeks hands down winner was Marina.  Well done!

Mmmmm I moaned because my brother woke me up.  I went in to the kitchen.  I saw my mum making me breakfast.  My mum was making me some toast.  I watched some tv and then I started to make a necklace for my mum out of her favourite colours.  Mum loved it, she thought it was so sweet of me to do that.  After I went in to the pool with my mum, dad and my brother.

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