Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keeping Ourselves Safe Online

As part of Keeping Ourselves Safe we have been watching Hectors World.  Here's some things we've learnt about staying safe online!
Marina - Ask your parents before putting personal information online
Misha - Don't give out your personal information if you don't know what it's being used for
Danuska - Ask someone you trust
Georgia - Read the terms and conditions before you sign up for something
Rico - Don't rush in to sign up for things - read about it first
Abbie - Don't let other people know your passwords
Maya - Don't be tricked (or tempted) to give out your personal information
Leal - Don't give out other peoples personal information
Leah - Use a nickname
Livvie - Don't be bribed in to giving information you don't want to give
Unbi - Don't give information to people you don't know
Yazmeen - Stay off websites you don't know much about (or aren't appropriate for children)
Jin-Young - You can give out your e-mail but check what it will be used for
Dana - You can give information to people you trust

Remember you can use your first name but not your last name!

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