Monday, July 23, 2012

Pick of the Bunch Recount Week 2 T3

A hands down win for Abby M today...well done!

Swoosh, crackle went my skies as I zoomed down the hill.  It was Sunday morning and it was freezing.  "At least I'm wrapped up in warm clothes," I said softy to myself.  A minute later I clipped my skies on tightly and made my way to the top but just then I noticed that my mum was watching me.  I suddenly exchanged glances but I couldn't help thinking that my mum must of been expecting me to ski down the hill.  I also couldn't help noticing my low confidence level but I knew what had to be done so I took off.  Zooming down the hill I was very proud of myself and I could tell my mum was too!

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