Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recount Writing

“What’s that?” we asked Mrs Burnett.  She said “I’m not telling you till the end!” “Ohhhhhhh” I said. First Abigail P got the mysterious thing on her head. She made a weird sound, eeeeeee. She said “that tickles.” We all begged Mrs Burnett to have a turn. “Yes sure,” she said. We all had a turn. “Eeeeee,” I said and while we had that mysterious thing on our head Georgia took photo’s of us. How funny they were!
By Danuska      

My heart pounded  as Mrs B showed us a tangled looking object.It looked like a autumn  tree.Then she put it on my head.It scraped some skin off.I went eey  when  Georgia took a photo.After I said to Georgia I am ticklish on my head.
By Leah

"WOW, what is that?" I said as Mrs B pulled out a mysterious object. "I wonder what it is?" i said. Maybe it's a pumpkin for halloween or maybe it's a thing that you pick up toys with. After that we described what it looked like. I thought it looked like a burnt tree with no leaves. It made a rattly noise. ''Ah, ah, it's my turn" I cried. I giggled lots but it didn't hurt for me. It was soft, smooth, creepy, silky and bendy. 
By Marina

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